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Active Hypno-birthing

Are you pregnant and wondering what support is available to help you prepare for the birth?
Active Hypno-birthing combines the relaxing and empowering techniques of Active Birthing and Hypnosis for expectant Mothers, helping them to prepare for a relaxed and enjoyable birth. The birth is often enhanced greatly when the husband, partner and/or birthing partner take on an integral role so they are encouraged to be fully involved in the process.
Private & Group courses available.
Contact us to find out more about our active birthing and hypnotherapy service for labour and birth.
Active Hypno-birthing sessions will provide you and your birthing partner with:
  • Relaxation & Self Hypnosis techniques
  • Guided Imagery & Visualisation scripts and audio
  • Understanding & practical application of 'Active Birth' positions
  • Breathing exercises for the three stages of labour
  • Massage techniques appropriate for pregnancy and labour
  • Birthing Plan (Individually tailored by you and your partner to incorporate your specific requirements and wishes for the birth of your baby)
  • Counselling for the birth (where appropriate)
Hypnobirthing & Relaxation Techniques
The prospect of the birth of your baby can generate a range of emotions, excitement and elation often mixed with fear and anxiety. The latter of these are often triggered by friends and family who, after congratulating you on your happy news, for some reason so often decide to tell you the 'horror story' of theirs, or somebody elses, birthing experience.  Infact, many people have wonderful, intense and enjoyable birthing experiences, so listen to the well wishes from friends and families but pay no attention to the horror stories! 
The labour and birth experience can become even more enjoyable when deeply relaxing hypnotic techniques are practiced. Hypnosis has been used widely as a natural form of pain relief, not only for labour, also for certain medical and dental procedures. Dr Grantly Dick-Reed (a pioneer in childbirth) concluded that when there is an absence of fear during labour, the pain-causing constrictors are not prevalent, and so the uterus is able to do its job: naturally efface, open and, when the cervix is fully dilated, expel the baby with ease. If we are anxious and fearful, our muscles tense, increasing any sensations of pain that we may be experiencing. This is why we also work with you to identify any conscious, or subconscious fears around the birth because, once these fears are addressed and allayed, you and your body can completely relax and enjoy bringing your baby into the world.
Benefits of Hypno-birthing:
  • Deep physical Relaxation
  • Stress Response 'Switch-off'
  • Pain control Hypnosis: analgesia and anaesthesia
  • Provides a greater confidence in your ability to cope 
  • Can help during natural births and when medical intervention is required (C-section)
  • Allays fears which may be conscious or subconscious
Active Birthing
Active birthing is for women who want to give birth naturally.  The expectant mother is taught Active Birthing positions that enable her to move around freely and choose the position that is most comfortable for her. 
Across the world, throughout history, women have been giving birth naturally in upright positions.  It was only far more recently in Western history that the lying down/supine position was adopted (apparently originally insisted on by King Louis XIV so that he could get a better view of the birth).  In the past the supine position has been encouraged by much of the medical profession, perhaps because some medical practitioners were of the opinion that this enables the clinicians to be more in control of the birth. Recently, however, active birth seems to be gaining in popularity with many healthcare professionals now aware of the benefits of giving birth upright, allowing a more woman-centred approach.  Many birth centres and hospitals now have a number of supportive props, such as stools, balls, cushions and ropes.  Some also have birthing pools; the water provides support and buoyancy which allows women to change position easily.  Active positions allow the expectant mother's muscles to engage and the pelvis to open more fully so that there is more room for the baby to move through.
Benefits of Active Birthing:
  • Shorter Labour - 2009 research review found that the first stage of labour was approx 1 hour shorter for women having active births 
  • Better oxygen flow to the baby - upright birthing positions allow better flow of blood to the baby
  • Makes the most of gravity - pushing in an upright position allows gravity to do its job. Lying down gravity works against you
  • Reduced risk of medical intervention - 2012 study found that upright positions during the second stage of labour was associated with significantly decreased uses of medical intervention
  • The expectant Mum's husband, partner or birthing partner will feel more involved - during Active labour the birth partner can feel like he or she is actively participating in supporting the Mother-to-be. This can create a rewarding and bonding experience and can be the beginning of the teamwork that will also be required in parenthood
How do Active Hypno-birthing sessions work?
Both private and group sessions are available (depending on numbers registered for group sessions).
Four to five sessions, lasting 2 - 2 ½ hours each is generally required in order to fully prepare the expectant Mother and her birthing partner for the birth.  You are welcome to arrange a top-up session nearer to the birth if required.
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