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Couples Counselling

Children's Therapy

Family Therapy



A Positively Directional
& Change Focused Approach.
Your family relationships are capable of providing a huge amount of love and intimacy, and they can also greatly improve your long term health and happiness.  We sometimes, however, get stuck in negative patterns and habits in our communication with the people closest to us which can lead to confusion, anger and hurt on all sides.
Learning to notice and acknowledge when and how these patterns arise gives all parties involved the freedom to improve their personal lives and interactions.
Couples Counselling
Couples choose to attend counselling sessions for a wide range of reasons, including arguing and conflict, lack of trust, dealing with infidelity, money and work issues, anger issues, control issues, intimacy and sex-related issues and communication breakdown.
In our sessions together, we will work safely, respectfully and openly with a positively directional solution-focused approach to help both of you to find a way through the challenges that you may be experiencing.
How Can Couples Counselling Help You?
The answer to this question depends entirely on what you  would like to achieve through your sessions.  Some couples have found it useful to come to us in order to work together to resolve a specific challenge or issue that they are experiencing, whilst others have found that the experience has transformed their personal lives.  


Many couples find the presence and input of their counsellor, a non-judgemental and supportive third party, invaluable in the process of positive communication and exploration.  A good Couples Counsellor will ask questions that give you new insights, support you in communicating effectively and will help you with ideas for news strategies, approaches and exercises that you can start to put into practice in your everyday life together.


Couples Counselling can help both of you to see things in a different way, giving you the freedom to find ways to move forward.

Children's Counselling & Hypnotherapy
Children and young people may sometimes need extra support if they are experiencing something difficult. They may be struggling to deal with a specific situation or issue and they may also be finding it difficult to understand their own emotions or behaviour.
Your child may be struggling with an issue or difficulty that they may not feel able to articulate.  This could include:
  • Bed-wetting
  • Family & Step-Family Relationships
  • Bereavement & Loss
  • Divorce & Separation Anxiety
  • Transition Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Exam & Revision Anxiety
How Can Counselling & Hypnotherapy Help Your Child?
Children often respond well to the therapeutic approach we take.  At Transformations Zurich the needs and individual personality of each child and young person that we work with is fully considered, ensuring that the therapeutic approach is both suitable and beneficial.  As well as talking therapies, depending on the interests of the individual child, we may also incorporate elements of drama and art (including drawing and painting), conversational hypnotherapy and imagery, imaginative play, and tools and strategies that they can take home and put into practice; helping them to better understand and cope with their emotions and the world around them. 
We also run group workshops in schools, teaching the pupils, and staff, simple and effective relaxation and stress-busting strategies and techniques as well as effective communication. Find out more about these workshops here.
Family Counselling & Therapy
The dynamics of each and every family are intricate and can be highly complex.  Families vary greatly; whether nuclear, extended or blended, at their best they can provide support, love and a sense of security.  However, in certain circumstances, families can also be a source of misunderstanding, disappointment and pain.  At these times it may be difficult for one, or all, members of the family to communicate, making it difficult to find a resolution.
Here are some of the challenges that a family may be facing:
  • Financial issues
  • Anger/Physical Conflict
  • Divorce & Separation (or other major event)
  • Issues relating to sex and sexuality
  • Change in family circumstances or dynamics
  • Lack of trust/respect between family members
  • Alcohol or drug related issues
How Can Counselling Help Your Family?
Every family has its own structure and set of rules, some of which are explicit and some of which are implicit and unspoken. These rules can be easily disrupted when the family dynamics change in some way: when someone leaves or joins the family, a child becomes an adolescent or when someone changes their behaviour or position within that family.  When one or more of these changes occur, altering the structure, the family dynamics are disrupted which can lead to one, or all, of the family members feeling confused, hurt, angry or misunderstood.  
In some families, it is the structure and rules that are at the heart of the challenges they are experiencing.  When the rules are too rigid, the family may find it difficult to function healthily together, with one or more members feeling crushed and opressed or unheard and undervalued.
Family counselling provides a safe environment in which you and your family can explore these challenges. Every individual attending the sessions will be given the time and space to express their thoughts and feelings and they will also be encouraged to listen actively to one another, moving away from blaming and judging.  This can lead to family members learning to communicate and relate to one another more clearly and healthily, giving them new insights into their family dynamics and increasing their capacity for self-reflection and awareness. Communication can sometimes be repaired or established for the first time and members may feel supported and encouraged to manage any changes that are taking places.
Wherever possible, we encourage all members of the family to attend these sessions. We also appreciate that this is not always logistically possible, so we strive to meet the needs of each individual family by working with the members that are able to attend because family counselling can also prove beneficial in these circumstances.  There may be occasions when we recommend that some members may benefit from individual or couples counselling to work through a specific challenge that they are experiencing.
We work openly and non-judgementally, providing an exploratory and solution-focused approach for each unique family.
"Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family."
Virginia Satir (pioneer in systemic family therapy)
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