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How can we help you and your team?
An increasing number of companies, businesses and schools are becoming aware of the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace; both are vital for building and sustaining good working relationships, resilient teams, effective communication and increased productivity.
How we work with your team or business
The needs of each team and company can vary greatly.  Taking this into consideration we provide a range of options to suit those varying needs:
  • 1½ Taster Workshops
  •  ½ day and 1-day workshops
  • Intensive 3 - 4 day trainings
  • Non-Intensive Programmes (part-time series)
Here are our workshops and trainings available for teams & businesses:
  • Team Building & Resilience
  • Assertiveness & Effective Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence, Skills & Competencies
  • Individual & Team Coaching
We can also tailor workshops to the individual requirements of your company.  To find out more about this, or any of the workshops or trainings above, please get in touch!
How we work with you and your school
School life can be challenging and, at times, stressful: for students, staff and parents and carers.  
To help you and your school to combat these challenges we offer a range of workshops and trainings centred on solution-focussed positive psychology that can benefit all!
Here are the school workshops & courses we offer:
  • Improved Concentration & Relaxation for Studying & Exams
  • 'Happy Kids, Happy You' - Based on author and educator Sue Beever's book (with the same title). Learning effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills to bring out the best in you and your students/children
  • Applied Emotional Intelligence & Peaceful Problem Solving (for children and adults)
We can also individually tailor workshops and trainings to suit your schools' requirements.  To find out more about this, or any of the workshops or trainings above, please get in touch!
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